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Porcelain Steel Magnetic Dry Erase Boards

Cleaning Dry Erase Boards

General Cleaning: Erasable Marker Pens contain an ink that dries almost instantly and is easily erased with cloth, tissue, a bristle eraser or best with an OptiMA microfiber eraser.

We recommend that you Do Not Use Felt Erasers. Felt erasers build up residue too quickly and don't work well with dry erase boards. After a period of use, a film or haze could develop on the surface of the board, which is the result of the ink residue that might not be completely removed when the board is erased or simply air pollution on your board surface. Even though the film exists, the marker colors remain vivid. By using a spray-on type of glass cleaner, the board may be given a thorough cleaning. Simple spray the surface and briskly rub with a clean soft cloth similar to a face cloth. Then rinse with clear water. Avoid using caustic or abrasive type cleaners.

Erasable Markers: The key to the good erasing is a good quality dry erase marker. The key is the solvent base in the erasable marker, which dries quickly. The marker should be kept tightly capped when not in use. With proper care, this marker will have a very long life as opposed to a regular marker. Black is always the recommended color. This marker is designed to be used on the Erasable Marker Board. It should not be used on any other surface. Use only good quality dry or erasable markers. If you're interested in a non-toxic dry erase marker we recommend that you check out our AusPen refillable, non-toxic markers. They are perfect for the classroom.

Removing Permanent Marker: The easiest and most efficient way to remove permanent marker is to simply write over the marks with a dry erase marker of the same color. Let it dry for at least 20 seconds and then simply erase it. The solvents in the dry erase marker will permeate the permanent marker allowing you to erase it. You may need to repeat the process once or twice.

Caution: As the ink will set after a period of time and may be very difficult if not impossible to erase without extra steps, when possible do not leave the marker ink on the board for several days before erasing. Erasing the board every day will help eliminate this problem. If the ink is left on the board for several days, the cleaning procedures above will remove the ink, or, the line may be re-inked with any color, and then when erased the line will disappear.

Removing Soil Marks: Soil marks (such as paint, oil, crayon stains, tape marks, etc.), which cannot be removed with washing, may be removed without damage to the board surface by using household cleaners or cleaning fluids such as denatured alcohol. Under no circumstances should cleaners which contain paint remover be used.

For your own protection all cartons shipped by Truck should be opened and inspected for concealed damages upon arrival. Custom orders cannot be returned. See our Freight Policy.

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